Development prospect of synchronous pulley

Vigorously adopt new materials and new structures to reduce consumption and cost, establish product design and production on a more scientific and reasonable basis, gradually realize product upgrading, and strive for more products to enter the international market.

◆The variety structure will continue to develop in the direction of multi-variety and serialization. The proportion of high transmission efficiency and energy-saving belts such as nylon sheet-based flat belts, V-ribbed belts and timing belts in transmission belts will continue to rise. The matching (continued from page 2) v-belts will mainly be cut, and the reserved package The cloth v-belt is basically used for maintenance and replacement.

◆Product life. All kinds of transmission belt products should introduce dynamic fatigue test detection items, and make the service life of ordinary V-belts reach 25,000 hours; the service life of automobile V-belts is the same as that of overhaul, that is, 180,000 kilometers; the service life of agricultural V-belts should reach more than 1 hour. .

◆The skeleton material of the transmission belt continues to develop in the direction of polycaseinization and light weight. The specification series of chemical fiber ropes for transmission belts will be enriched and standardized, and the polyphenolic ropes of v-belts will be all localized, and cotton canvas will be eliminated. Domestic enterprises that introduce or develop wire rope production equipment and software should make the product quality reach the level of similar foreign products, and the quality, specification and quantity should complete the matching for transmission belt production enterprises.

◆We attach great importance to the development of narrow V-belts, combined V-belts, synchronous belts, edge-cutting belts, and multi-ribbed belts with economical scale, and attach importance to supporting agriculture, light industrial machinery, and emerging electronic industries. Enrich and expand the range of specifications and series, and gradually form a complete series of belt and pulley products in my country.

◆Strengthen environmental protection, and regard the treatment of three wastes (dust, harmful gas and high temperature operation) and environmental protection as an important part of technological transformation. Taking green environment, clean sanitation and civilized production as the premise of factory construction, product design, selection of raw materials and process equipment.

◆Coordinating relevant departments, taking necessary measures to crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products, support brand enterprises, and make the production of belt and pulley products on the road of healthy development. The belt drive industry should form a large-scale and group-based production enterprise, occupy a dominant position in design and development, product production, marketing and service, etc., and eliminate low-level, waste, and pollution, especially small-scale enterprises with poor quality.

◆All transmission belt enterprises must have complete inspection methods that meet the standard requirements. Manufacturers of automobile belts are equipped with fatigue life testing machines and length measuring machines to ensure the improvement of product quality. Increase the research and development of testing equipment and improve the technical level of belt drive testing in my country. Strengthen coordination and publicity to avoid the repeated production and use of testing equipment with backward technology and poor use effect.

◆Synchronous pulley processing has gradually formed large-scale production, and has developed to the direction of professional standardized commodities.

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