A large number of synchronous belt drives are used to achieve "no gap" transmission

Both eyes output; suitable spinning fiber 22-76mm; maximum mechanical speed 800m/min; using open-loop control autoleveling system to achieve autoleveling of short segments, which can improve sliver unevenness and evenness CV % value, high-quality sliver is processed; a large number of synchronous belt transmission is used to achieve "gapless" transmission, low noise, stable drafting, and reduced sliver unevenness; the left and right eyes are driven separately except for automatic can changers, which can eliminate the need for The interference of drafting transmission; three-up and three-down with guide rollers, pressure bar, double-zone curve drafting, upper cleaning adopts rotating flannel belt or floating metal bar, and lower cleaning adopts reciprocating swing type nitrile scraper cleaning device; pressurized with pneumatic The two methods of pressurization and spring pressurization are selected by the user, and the gas pressurization pressure can be adjusted;

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